Portable Aroma Diffuser

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Color: Gold


Car Oil Diffuser

Introducing our Car Oil Diffuser, a sleek and efficient device designed to fill your car, study, bedroom, living room, or office with delightful scents. It's perfect for those who love a touch of luxury and efficiency in their space.

Product Details:

  • Quick Diffusion: Our fan-shaped structure quickly spreads the fragrance evenly in your space.
  • Smooth Mist: Enjoy a consistent mist without any messy residue or buildup.
  • Long Battery Life: Once fully charged, enjoy many hours of fragrance:
    • Mode 1: Up to 56 hours
    • Mode 2: Up to 24 hours
    • Mode 3: Up to 15 hours
  • Easy to Use: With a simple design and three settings, it’s easy to control how much scent you want.
  • Quick to Charge: It only takes 4 hours to fully charge.
  • Light and Portable: Despite its power, it’s compact and easy to carry, with dimensions of 470mm*H137mm and a weight of 0.306kg.
  • Efficient Oil Use: It uses only 0.4ml of oil per hour ±5%, making it last longer.
  • Capacity and Power: Holds 5/10ml of oil and runs on DC5V/2W, balancing capacity with energy use.
  • Stylish Colors: Choose from Gold, Silver, Black, or Rose Gold to match your style.

Upgrade your space with our Car Oil Diffuser, adding elegance and a fresh aroma to any setting.

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